Preparing to Embrace the Holiday Season



How are you feeling about the upcoming holiday season? Join Drake WellnessHub and Drake WorkWise alongside our guest speaker and one of Australia's leading Psychologists Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg for an insightful and evidence-based session on how you can prepare to embrace the holiday season. 


So many Australia's have spent much of the last two years in lockdown. As Australia fast approaches its vaccine target of 80%, we are nearing a point whereby life reverts to a COVID-normal, and we regain a sense of freedom once again.

The holiday season provides abundant opportunities - this year we're getting out of the stagnation of lockdown, connecting with people, mingling at office parties, pubs, clubs and restaurants and rekindling lapsed friendships. 

It’s not uncommon to see random acts of kindness and breath-taking displays of humanity at its finest, inspired by the season to be merry. And yet conversely, one in five Australian children will go hungry, there will be peaks in domestic violence, alcohol-related injuries and a rise in mental ill-health, not to mention two million lonely Australians.


This webinar will give participants the skills, knowledge and evidence-based strategies to manage the holidays. During this thought-provoking and engaging session, we will cover:

• What makes the holiday season so hard?

• The holiday season paradox

• Dealing with young people during the holidays - the want, need, wear read approach

• Self care over the holidays - the Eggs in Basket paradigm

• Nutrition tips

• Getting a good night's sleep

• Mental health and exercise


Please note, this is a COMPLIMENTARY event. 




Guest Speaker - Dr. Carr-Gregg

Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia's highest profile child and adolescent psychologists.

He wrote his PhD at the University of NSW on Adolescents with Cancer and named and founded CanTeen more than 30 years ago with a group of young cancer patients. He headed up the Coalition Against Tobacco Advertising and Promotion in NZ, was the inaugural Director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation and worked as an Associate Professor at the Centre for Adolescent Health and Managing Director of the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. He has held positions on the Board of CanTeen, the Australian Psychological Society, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and is currently the Federal Government's representative on the Board of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation. He is the Patron of Read the Play, author of 14 books resident and for the last 14 years has been the parenting expert on Channel 7's Sunrise, as well as a social commentator on the Morning Show with Neil Mitchell on Radio 3AW.